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Avicenna Alliance monthly Members' Only Webinar series

Avicenna Alliance monthly Members' Only Webinar series



Avicenna Alliance monthly Members' Only Webinar series


Do you know that 44 webinars recordings from the most well-known in silico experts are available at your Avicenna members finger tip?

The Avicenna members’ only webinars are designed to inform, empower and enrich our members’ professional journey. The sessions are crafted with our members’ growth and success in mind, aimed at providing invaluable insights to navigate the current
in silico landscape and provide:

  • Expert guidance to gain insights from industry leaders and esteemed academy representatives who have achieved remarkable success;
  • Skill enhancement to acquire practical tips and techniques to enhance your skill set;
  • Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to engage with in silico professionals, gain actionable insights, and connect with peers who are driven to excel.

Don't miss out on these exclusive events tailored exclusively for our esteemed members!

Check our webpage and see the list and info of previous and future webinars.

Recordings of previous webinars are available for our members only. If you are not a member yet and you are interested in joining the Alliance, please
contact us and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!


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