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Avicenna at FDA / MDIC Event in Washington, April 16 - 17

Avicenna at FDA / MDIC Event in Washington, April 16 - 17



Avicenna at FDA / MDIC Event in Washington, April 16 - 17

Many representatives of the Avicenna Alliance networked with good friends and in silico thought leaders from around the world at the FDA / MDIC symposium on Computation Modeling & Simulation in Washington.

Among others, the recently published book "Towards Good Simulation Practices" was referenced in multiple talks and got the attention of the transatlantic attendees. Of specific note, the panel discussion on 'Good Simulation Practice' led by Avicenna Alliance representatives (Mark Palmer, Emmanuele Voisin) alongside FDA (Tina Morrison) and industry representatives (Noel Colon, Ashley Peterson), rallied the community on "What the GSP means to modelers and regulators?" and the necessary next steps to promote its adoption.

Simon Sonntag and Kristian Debus from Virtonomy were actively involved as sponsors and exhibitors at the event. Additionally, they presented a poster titled "In-Silico Replacement of Single-Lumen Cannula Bench Testing According to ISO 1893:2021".

Marc Horner presented a poster entitled "Species Transport Modeling of Thrombus Formation in Medical Devices – A Round Robin CFD Study", which summarized the progress of the MDIC Blood Damage Working Group, who are developing regulatory grade models for hemolysis and thrombosis.

Thanks to co-authors Kurt Svihla and Koohyar Vahidkhah. Andy Baumann also presented "Establishing Finite Element Model Credibility of a Pedicle Screw System under Compression-Bending".

We are grateful to Jithesh Veetil and Taylor Montgomery for the great organization.


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