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EC Appoints VPH to key stakeholder group

EC Appoints VPH to key stakeholder group



EC Appoints VPH to key stakeholder group

The European Commission has appointed the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi) to its eHealth Stakeholder Group. With VPHi representing 50% of the membership of Avicenna, this provides the Alliance access to a key influential group in Brussels.

The eHealth Stakeholder Group was set up in 2012 to “platform for stakeholders to contribute to the development of legislation or policy related to eHealth; for example by providing reports, opinions and relevant data.”

Membership of this group is recognition of the growing influence of VPH in EU policy and of the work that has been done so far. The European Parliament Resolution on the eHealth Action Plan in 2014 specifically called on the European Commission and EU Member States to support the work of VPHi and recognized it as a successful eHealth initiative. Since then VPHi has successfully advocated for the inclusion of in silico medicine in Horizon 2020 and has made major gains for modelling and simulation in medical devices and medicinal product legislation.

In this new group, VPHi will work on the next steps towards a policy framework for in silico medicine, continued support for researchers employing modelling and simulation in their work and ensure the modernisation of medicine through in silico.

More information about VPHi can be found here.


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