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Our mission

The Avicenna Alliance

THE AVICENNA ALLIANCE is a global non for profit organization based in Brussels. The Alliance is truly global because it includes:

  • Members from Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania;
  • Academic and Industrial members, regulator and policy maker partners;
  • Start-ups, SME, large and multinational organizations;
  • Medical devices, pharmaceutical, and software actors.

Advocating for the regulation and deployment of computer modeling and simulation (also known as in silico methods), the Avicenna Alliance's mission aims to complement traditional methods (bench & animal testing, and clinical trials) to deliver faster safer and more affordable health care to the patients.

Our Mission


Drammatically accelerate medical innovation and its pratical implementation,


To ensure safe, affordable and cost efficient health care,


Throught the large scale adoption of in silico modeling (computer modeling and simulation, CM&S) across the entyre healthcare ecosystem

Avicenna Flyer

For a concise overview of the purpose of the Avicenna Alliance, its work and long-term vision and a summary of what in silico means for and the Alliance's purpose, please download the Avicenna Alliance Flyer.



News Virtual launch of

Virtual launch of "Toward Good Simulation Practice" book

On May 8, 2024, the virtual launch of "Toward Good Simulation Practice: Best Practices for the Use of Computational Modeling and Simulation (CM&S) in the Regulatory Process of Biomedical Products" took place, marking a significant milestone in regulatory science and industry.

News Appointment of Avicenna Formal Administrators

Appointment of Avicenna Formal Administrators

At its recent General Assembly, the members of the Avicenna Alliance have confirmed that three members of the Avicenna Board will act as legal representatives of the Avicenna Alliance. As a Belgian non-profit organisation, the Avicenna Alliance allocate the following positions:

News Avicenna at FDA / MDIC Event in Washington, April 16 - 17

Avicenna at FDA / MDIC Event in Washington, April 16 - 17

Many representatives of the Avicenna Alliance networked with good friends and in silico thought leaders from around the world at the FDA / MDIC symposium on Computation Modeling & Simulation in Washington.

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