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"Toward Good Simulation Practice - Best Practices for the Use of Computational Modelling and Simulation in the Regulatory Process of Biomedical Products" The document marks a significant milestone in the field of in silico medicine, advocating for the strategic use of Computer Modelling and Simulation (CM&S) as a regulatory decision support tool in medical product development. It seeks to establish a clear and harmonized terminology, transitioning from the colloquial use of "in silico trials" to the more precise "In Silico Methodology," thereby enhancing clarity and efficacy in regulatory discussions.
Avicenna Alliance Glossary of Terms for Computer Modeling and Simulation This Glossary is a third release; more concepts will be defined, and existing definitions may be adjusted in future updates of this document.
Avicenna PPI TF Position Paper The Avicenna Alliance (AA) has established a PPI task force to address the lack of PPI for in silico medicine. This position paper shall serve as a beacon for establishing the PPI task force within the AA and beyond.
Survey Report - A snapshot of current practices and perceptions of Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) within the Avicenna Alliance Recognizing the vital role of public and patient involvement (PPI) in ensuring relevant and beneficial medical research, the Avicenna Alliance (AA) conducted a survey among its members. Results revealed low PPI awareness, varied perceptions, and limited support from member organizations, despite a collective recognition of its value.
The potential of in silico approaches to streamline drug development This position paper highlights the potential of in silico medicine, using computational modelling and simulation to aid drug discovery, development, and delivery. It calls for adaptation of in silico technology to be a standard practice to complement in vivo and in vitro approaches in healthcare through a collaborative ecosystem of stakeholders.
The Role of Artificial Intelligence within In Silico Medicine A range of authors across academia and industry, representing both the Avicenna Alliance and the Virtual Physiological Human Institute, have produced a new white paper on the potential of computer modelling and simulation in healthcare, with a particular focus on the role of Artificial Intelligence.
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