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37 - "In silico modeling of cardiovascular electrophysiology, mechanics, and flow: an integral part of a Norwegian Center of research-based innovation"


37 - "In silico modeling of cardiovascular electrophysiology, mechanics, and flow: an integral part of a Norwegian Center of research-based innovation"

Molly Maleckar
Research Professor at Simula Research Laboratory focused on computational modeling of cardiac physiology.

Short Bio:
Molly's research interests include and have included multiscale physiological modeling and simulation (stem cells, myocytes, cardiac tissue, organ and system-level investigation) as well as data-driven models and machine learning approaches in biomedicine to support critical mechanistic insight into cardiac function and pathology.

Her previous work at Simula Research Laboratory and the Allen Institute for Cell Science has included full-time focus on research as a principal investigator as well long experience in management. She strives to create diverse, intersectional teams and is profoundly committed to high impact and open science.

Molly brings both an interdisciplinary and global perspective to her work. This means being open to concepts from both related and unrelated fields of research to support and guide translational science at the intersection of technology, physiology, biology, and the clinic.

She has also worked as an educator, mentor, and scientific communicator for several decades, an immensely satisfying experience that has the added benefit of honing the ability to communicate a variety of scientific and technological concepts to diverse audiences.

Heart diseases such as valvular disease, heart failure, and heart muscle dysfunction are often chronic, worsening over time. It is important to find the right time to e.g., initiate a treatment - such as surgery for a heart valve – or to assess a patient’s risk for arrhythmia – but the optimal moment for treatment and the specific patient risk are highly individually variable.

The Computational Physiology (ComPhy) department at Simula Research Laboratory (Oslo, Norway) has the goal of using mathematical modelling to gain the needed insight into human health, disease, and treatment. ComPhy partners with industry, the clinic, and other key research partners in a Norwegian Centre for research-based innovation: ProCardio. With the goal of developing precision health care for progressive cardiac disease, ProCardio creates new methods leveraging computational simulations and artificial intelligence from a variety of clinical data modalities. These novel tools can support healthcare professionals in finding diagnoses, accurate prognoses and in estimating risk for adverse events, such as cardiac arrest.

In ProCardio, researchers, clinicians, and industrial partners work together to ensure that our ideas become products that directly benefit patients. This webinar will provide an overview of the in-silico cardiac models that underpin the exciting new work within ProCardio..


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