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39 -

39 - "Patient-specific models for pre-operative planning and in silico trials: application to aortic pathologies"

Francesco Migliavacca, Politecnico di Milano (03.10.2023)

38 -

38 - "ASTM Standard Testing of Orthopedic Implants: Achieving real-world results with virtual models"

Julien Clin and David Benoit, Numalogics (12.09.2023)

37 -

37 - "In silico modeling of cardiovascular electrophysiology, mechanics, and flow: an integral part of a Norwegian Center of research-based innovation"

Molly Maleckar, Simula (29.08.2023)

36 -

36 - "Life is Motion - An integrated view on the neuromuscular system"

Oliver Rohrle, University of Stuttgart (06.06.2023)

35 -

35 - "Outsmarting cancer with liquid biopsy"

Aline Cerf, SmartCatch (10.05.2023)

34 -

34 - "In silico models of coronary artery pathophysiology for clinical decision support"

Frans van de Vosse, Eindhoven University of Technology (04.04.2023)

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