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27 -

27 - "Verification and validation pipeline for the risk-informed credibility assessment of in-silico fluid simulations for left atrial appendage devices"

Oscar Camara, UPF (29.09.2022)

26 -

26 - "Towards automatic generation of patient-specific models of the lower limb for simulation of orthopedic surgeries" by

Mathieu Rimaud, Elaheh Elyasi and Antoine Perrier, TwinSight (12.07.2022)

25 -

25 - "In Silico modelling of tumour prognosis: towards the digital twin"

Maria Angeles Perez Anson, University of Zaragoza (14.06.2022)

24 -

24 - "Hyper-accelerate clinical trials using an in silico approach"

Luca Emili, InsilicoTrials Technologies (10.05.2022)

23 -

23 - "AI & Personalised Cardiac Modelling: Learning by Heart"

Maxime Sermesant, Inria (05.04.2022)

22 -

22 - "Smart Manufacturing for Life Sciences by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division"

Anup Paul and Wandrille Vallet, Hexagon (08.03.2022)

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