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46 - "Empowering Ethical and Efficient Drug Development through Advanced Computational Models"


46 - "Empowering Ethical and Efficient Drug Development through Advanced Computational Models"


The forefront of drug development is being redefined through the integration of sophisticated computational models, prominently showcased by the Universal Immune System Simulator (UISS). This innovative computational framework marks a significant advancement in pharmaceutical research methodologies, offering a comprehensive, multi-scale, multi-organ, and three-dimensional agent-based simulation of the immune system.

UISS stands as a cornerstone in the evolution of drug development, providing an intricate simulation environment that mirrors the complex interactions within the human immune system.

This allows for the detailed analysis of drug interactions and their effects, paving the way for the prediction of outcomes with an unparalleled level of accuracy. Such capabilities not only expedite the drug development process but also introduce a new ethical dimension to pharmaceutical research by significantly reducing the necessity for traditional animal testing.

The presentation will explore the technical foundations and applications of UISS in the drug development landscape. We will examine how this model revolutionizes the identification of potential therapeutic targets and the optimization of drug formulations, ensuring a higher degree of efficacy and safety. The discussion will extend to the ethical implications of using advanced computational tools like UISS, emphasizing the shift towards more humane and responsible research practices.

Moreover, we will showcase the efficiency gains achieved through UISS, highlighting how it shortens development timelines, lowers research and development costs, and enhances the likelihood of success in clinical trials. Through real-world examples and case studies, the presentation will demonstrate UISS's transformative impact on the field, illustrating its role in streamlining the journey towards the discovery and optimization of new therapeutic agents.

The Universal Immune System Simulator exemplifies the next generation of drug development tools, embodying the fusion of high-tech innovation with ethical research practices. Our presentation will underline the significance of advanced computational models like UISS in promoting more efficient, ethical, and successful drug development processes, ultimately advancing global healthcare outcomes.


Martina Di Salvatore has held the position of Head of Communications at Mimesis Srl since 2022, bringing a measured and strategic approach to her role. With a Master's degree in "Languages for International Cooperation," she offers a nuanced understanding of global communication dynamics.

As the featured speaker at events such as the World Vaccine Congress, Martina effectively communicates Mimesis's progress in computational medicine. Her background as a Web Journalist give her the chance to write about the company for several italian newspaper, such as "Il Sole 24 Ore" and "La Sicilia".

In addition to her communication responsibilities, Martina oversees the management of Mimesis's digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.

Martina Di Salvatore's professionalism and strategic acumen contribute significantly to Mimesis's standing within the healthcare sector.

Empowering Ethical and Efficient Drug Development through Advanced Computational Models


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