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Research & Technology (R&T) Working Group

Research & Technology (R&T) Working Group


Research & Technology (R&T) Working Group

The Research & Technology Working Group seeks to bridge the missing mile between basic research and the commercialization of products. Having an equal partnership between academics and healthcare organisations represented by the members of the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPHi) and industries engaged in the predictive medicine provides a unique opportunity to explore areas of mutual cooperation and benefit.

The key goals of this group are:

  • Creating links between the VPHi Membership and Avicenna Industry Members
  • Promotion of in silico medicine in Horizon Europe Program
  • Working towards the creation of a certified tissue library for biological materials
  • Work on credibility building for AI technologies and policy asks
  • Medical community outreach

Priorities in 2023 - 2024 and beyond:


  • Certified tissue library: finalise 1st campaign & start 2nd campaign
  • AI success stories compilation & policy input
  • Promote consortium formation within AA for Horizon Europe (calls WP ’23-’24)
  • Identification challenges for HEU WP ‘25-’27


  • Certified tissue library: 2nd campaign & EU funding applications
  • AI technology & policy input
  • Ecosystem digital twins in healthcare (EDITH)
  • Promote consortium formation within AA for Horizon Europe (calls WP ‘24)

2025 and beyond:

  • Consolidation certified tissue library
  • AI technology & policy input
  • Continue AA consortium building activities
  • Continuous development of EU-infrastructure for digital twins in healthcare & related ecosystem

Liesbet Geris

Liesbet Geris

Research & Technology Working Group Leader

Executive Director, VPH Institute



News Welcome ADSILICO to the Avicenna Alliance!

Welcome ADSILICO to the Avicenna Alliance!

We are delighted to announce that ADSILICO has officially joined the Avicenna Alliance! This partnership marks a significant milestone in our collective mission to advance in silico medicine and foster innovation in healthcare.

News Welcome Bioreme

Welcome Bioreme

We are thrilled to welcome BIOREME (Integrating data-driven BIOphysical models into REspiratory MEdicine), a pioneering collaborative network based in the UK, as Avicenna new Partner!

News Virtual launch of

Virtual launch of "Toward Good Simulation Practice" book

On May 8, 2024, the virtual launch of "Toward Good Simulation Practice: Best Practices for the Use of Computational Modeling and Simulation (CM&S) in the Regulatory Process of Biomedical Products" took place, marking a significant milestone in regulatory science and industry.

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