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38 - "ASTM Standard Testing of Orthopedic Implants: Achieving real-world results with virtual models"


38 - "ASTM Standard Testing of Orthopedic Implants: Achieving real-world results with virtual models"


This webinar illustrates how standard ASTM or ISO physical tests for medical devices can be virtualized using computer models and simulation (CM&S). We will first demonstrate a model that predicts the axial pullout force and insertion driving torque of orthopedic metallic screws in synthetic bone material according to the ASTM F543 standard; and secondly, the integration of this model into an easy-to-use software application that would be accessible to medical device engineers that are not necessarily skilled in the art of CM&S. Further information will be provided with respect to the verification and validation process and model predictive performance. Numalogics envisions the use of this software application as a complementary or surrogate tool to the ASTM F543 experimental tests, resulting in a significant reduction in the time and resources required for evaluating new screw designs amongst the orthopedic industry.


Julien Clin, Ph.D.
Julien Clin received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from École Polytechnique de Paris (France). He then specialized in biomedical engineering at École Polytechnique of Montréal (Canada) where he received his Master of Applied Sciences and Ph.D.

During his career, he specialized notably in spine biomechanics and in the development of high-end computer models and simulation (CM&S). He continues to be particularly focused on the development of automated CM&S engines and their integration in clinical software. As a member of the VVUQ40 committee, he also contributes to the improvement of the CM&S verification and validation processes to help benefit the medical device industry.
He is currently director of the biomechanical simulation team at Numalogics Inc. (Montréal, Canada).

David Benoit, M.Sc.A.
David Benoit holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in bio-engineering at Université de Sherbrooke. He then completed an M.Sc.A in Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, with a research focus on spine biomechanics and simulation.

Currently, David serves as a Biomechanical Simulation R&D Specialist at Numalogics, where he has been working on the development of complex computer models and simulations in the field of medical devices and sports equipment. His expertise extends to explicit simulation encompassing a wide range of applications such as highly nonlinear materials, material failure, and advanced meshfree methods.

He also assumes the role of Virtual Optimization Manager with the Kollide team, leading the development of finite element models of football helmets. The team achieved remarkable success by winning the NFL helmet challenge and the prototype earned recognition from the NFL through laboratory performance tests, surpassing all existing commercially available helmets.


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