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08 -

08 - "Data-driven modeling in the cardiovascular device design and approval process"

Simon Sonntag from Virtonomy (21.01.2021)

07 -

07 - "Preclinical assessment of the effect of skeletal interventions with physiology based computational modelling"

Dr Enrico Dall’Ara from University of Sheffield (14.12.20)

06 -

06 - "Enabling Digital Transformation and Materials Compliance for Healthcare"

Marc Horner, Ben Conlon and Cátia Crespo from Ansys (17.11.20)

05 -

05 - "Avicenna Avicenna participates in AI For Health Summit"

Liesbet Geris, Markus Reiterer, Thierry Marchal, Simon Sonntag, Emmanuelle Voisin (10.11.2020)

04 -

04 - "VIRTUOSO: A virtual platform to enable precision vascular surgery"

Professor Vanessa Diaz from the University College of London (UCL) (14.10.20)

03 -

03 - "FDA Responses to Simulation Data used in Recent 510(k) Submissions in Orthopedics"

Dana Coombs, Payman Afshari and Jeff Bischoff (23.09.2020)

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